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April 20, 2022

Hi there!

Finally, after carefully deliberating for a quarter chunk of my life (given i actually live hundred years). I have finally something on my homepage.

I had some pretty big plans for designing my blog, but right now, I care more about getting something written than a super fancy blog with all the bells and whistles.

The change and final push came from reading The Lean Startup which encouraged me to get myself out there and hence folks, what you see is the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of my blog.

Doesn't have to be pretty

This starter I am using is named gatsby-starter-blog and how aptly named it is.

As you know, starters of Bread aren't really very nice looking. They look kinda like mud from what I see on Google Images. But produce Bread. So yeah it doesn't have to be pretty.

Let's just get the bread preparation going and worry about the end product, which is the actual writings in this case.

About this blog

It shouldn't go without saying the names of the enablers, thanks to which this blog is possible.

  • Cloudflare Pages (I host it there, it magically integrates Continuous Deployment)
  • Gatsby Starter Blog
  • (Gitpod is my new favorite tool, it helped me move all my coding mess online, so my laptop doesn't burn down the whole building in this hot summer of Lahore)

Thanks for reading.

Thank you very much for reading the very first content piece here.

Here's to the upcoming ones, that actually try to have an insight or two for the readers!

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