semi-formal Introduction

May 03, 2022

Hello World,

Every now and then I have to write a page introducing myself to the world and convey that somehow I matter and this is just one of those.

I am Hannan Ali, and I have been coding for a long time now. Before, I introduce you I just want to tell you that I love software development and playing with computers. So much so, that I happily gave up my formal education to pursue it full time before time.

What is my stack, you ask?

I don’t like boxes personally, and defining one’s stack is just that. A box.

As long as it requires code and the problem is interesting enough, I am always open to learn new technologies, languages, frameworks, you name it!

Saying that, I would leave you confused, if I don’t give you a relative measure for my technology prowess.

Hence, I hereby proclaim, to all thy fellow readers, that I can be confidently placed in the categories below for hiring purposes ;) .

  • Node.js and it’s frameworks and libraries
  • Cloudflare Workers
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • React.JS (maybe get a smaller box when it comes to this)
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Fixing Cross Browser Compatibility Issues

Do I learn new things?

Yes, I love to learn new things.

Right now, I am learning Rust programming language so I can write Cloudflare Workers in Rustlang.

Also preparing for a Google Cloud Certification at the moment.

Do you have one of those PDF documents called Resume?

Why Yes? Thank you for asking for one. Email [email protected] and it’ll be sent to you quickly.

Written by Hannan Ali who uses this blog to jot down his thoughts on code and more
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